Sailing Yacht Design (Vol no. 1)

ISBN 9780582368569

Sailing Yacht Design (Vol no. 1)

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Claughton ea. | Paperback | 352 Pag.
Engelstalig | Addison Wesley Publishing Company
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This book forms part of a two-volume guide to the fundamental principles governing how and why a sailing yacht behaves in the way it does including an understanding of the physics involved and mathematical modelling.*covers the fundamental principles of yacht design, looking at subjects such as the aerodynamics of sails, hydrodynamic forces on the hull, seakeeping qualities and manoeuvrability, materials and an introduction to computation fluid mechanics*looks at many of the topics covered by Rawson and Tupper's definitive Basic Ship Theory but from the viewpoint of sailing rather than a powered vessel*looks at how the performance of a yacht can be predicted*describes loads on the structure and how they are introduced into various elements*emphasis on rigorous mathematical and analytical treatment*assembles a group of internationally known experts under the editorship of Claughton et al.

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