Introduction To Radar Systems

ISBN 9780071181891

Introduction To Radar Systems

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Merrill Ivan Skolnik, Skolnik & Merrill I. Skolnik | McGraw-Hill Education
Paperback | 672 Pag. | 3rd Revised edition
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Engelstalig: Since the publication of the second edition of Introduction to Radar Systems, there has been continual development of new radar capabilities and continual improvements to the technology and practice of radar. This growth has necessitated the addition and updating of the following topics for the third edition: digital technology, automatic detection and tracking, doppler technology, airborne radar, and target recognition. The topic coverage is one of the great strengths of the text. In addition to a thorough revision of topics, and deletion of obsolete material, the author has added end-of-chapter problems to enhance the teachability of this classic book in the classroom, as well as for self-study for practicing engineers.


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